3 - 6 SEPTEMBER 2018
The task of the summer school is to give the participants a deeper knowledge of design and testing process of rotors and supporting tower of small wind turbines, covering the fundamentals of aerodynamic design, material selection, and structural design and testing procedure. Additional important topics include wind resource and turbine performance measurements. Theoretical insight are completed by practical experiments in lab and in field to demonstrate measurements and testing methodologies.

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The summer school is a 4 days program designed for doctoral students, researchers and professionals in the field with a background in Engineering, wishing to in-depth study on design and testing on small wind turbines.
Applications for advanced undergraduate students with a major in Engineering may be considered.

Duration 4 days, starts September 3rd and finishes September 6th, 2018
Location University of Trento and Riva del Garda (Italy) 3rd and 4th September, 2018                                                 Congress Centre of Riva del Garda (Italy) 5th and 6th September, 2018
Language English 
Credits 3 ECTS in the European system
Deadline date for registration 20th August 2018
Registration fee 800 € (accomodation expenses not included) 

Academic coordinator prof. Lorenzo Battisti, University of Trento, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering 
Accomodation (non included in Registration fee) 
Trento for direct booking: Ostello Giovane Europa - Via Torre Vanga, 9 38122 - Trento Tel. +39 0461 263484 email 
Riva del Garda for direct booking: Ostello della Gioventù Benacus - Piazza Cavour, 14 38066 - Riva del Garda (TN) Tel +39 0464 554911 email 
Free transfer leaving from University of Trento on 4th September 2018 to the Congress Centre
in Riva del Garda
To book the free transfer send an email to:

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Jens Nørkær Sørensen | DTU, Dept. of Wind Energy 
Mr. Walter Keller | KA Consult GmbH

Lecturers of University of Trento
Prof. Lorenzo Battisti
Prof. Alessandro Pegoretti
PhD. Nicola Tondini

PhD. Marco Molinari
Dr. Haroon Mahmood


[1] Blade Design - 4 ore
A detailed review of the current state-of-art for small wind turbine blade design is presented, paying particular attention to the key matters:

  • design of an optimum power-extracting blade (variable speed/fixed speed, and fixed/variable pitch operation);
  • design approach for low wind speed sites;
  • aerodynamic and mechanical noise reduction;
  • buckling and fatigue analysis.

[2] Tower Design - 3 ore
The general design issues of wind turbine tower structures is presented, in a conjugated design with soil characteristic:

  • modern standards and analysis methods;
  • static and dynamic tests.

[3] Wind Blade Structural Testing - 3 ore
This lecture will address:

  • blade static, modal and dynamic tests;
  • practical experience with a static test is conducted in laboratory on a 3.5 m - blade.

[4] Wind Blade Materials - 4 ore
The use of different blade materials and experimentation with new materials is still in progress nowadays, and the blade material choice is crucial to reduce both cost and the probability of defects. This lecture will address:

  • selection of blade materials and staking laminates for small wind turbine blade construction;
  • composite material modeling, fiber orientation and thickness distribution on the composite material;
  • practical experience with structural test on composite samples.

[5] Wind & Turbine Performance Measurements - 4 ore
Wind and turbine performance/loads measurements provide objective information on the actual wind turbine behavior, for both prototype and commercial products. This lecture will address:

  • wind tunnel and infield testing, when and why;
  • experimental tests procedure;
  • handling and analyzing real-time data.

[6] Advanced Aerodynamic Aspects of Small Wind Energy Conversion Systems - 4 ore
Wind turbine aerodynamics concerns with the modeling and prediction of aerodynamic performances, and it is normally carried out in integrated aeroelastic codes to predicting performance and structural deflections. This lecture will address:

  • the basics of the blade-element momentum theory along with guidelines for the construction of airfoil data,
  • state-of-the-art advanced numerical simulation tools for wind turbine rotors and wakes.


During the 4-days of the Summer School, an overview of cultural and professional events in Trento and Riva del Garda will be provided, including some suggestions for practising several sports and tours to explore the cities of Trento and Riva del Garda by your own.

The Summer School will be held on the same week of the International Colloquium TUrbWind 2018 (September 6th-7th on wind energy exploitation in urban environment.