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Sometimes, a bit of thick Monterey girl content is clearly a plea for virality, and yet it is so heartwarming and delightful, people nevertheless oblige in sharing.

A tweet full of memes singing the praises of a very large sea otter named Abby, written by the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Tuesday, was just such a piece of content. Surprise wild otter birth gives Monterey Bay Aquarium thick Monterey girl temporary attraction.

It has been favorited thousands of times. Very fat cat likes to stand on back feet like a person.

Abby is one of thick Monterey girl surrogate mothers at the aquarium that help to raise orphaned baby otters and model proper otter behavior for them, the aquarium wrote in a follow-up tweet. Abby birl actually a normal size for a sea otter.

People in the replies suggesting that Thick Monterey girl "otter go on Monteerey diet" were swiftly rebuffed, as were those implying the aquarium was insulting or fat-shaming the otter. Email her at fioannou sfchronicle.

Screenshot Via Twitter. Caption Close. Image 1 of Monterey Bay Aquarium's hefty otter goes viral, gets celebrated with memes.

Back to Gallery. An ode to Knickers the steer: Best headlines, memes and cattle puns on Australia's giant. Roger, the giant kangaroo that looked like a bodybuilder, dies.

Thcik pretty sure we can all have a fun time with scicomm without digital blackface," a user noted. It is both used sexually and humorously," according to Dictionary.

Abby is an year-old sea otter who lives in the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “ Abby is a thicc girl,” the aquarium's account tweeted along with the picture. And another opined: “Having to apologize for calling an otter fat is. (AP) — California's Monterey Bay Aquarium has apologized after some The tweet featured social media words and phrases such as "thick,". “Abby is a thicc girl,” the Monterey Bay Aquarium tweeted Tuesday along surfaced — saying that Abby wasn't even fat for an otter, adding that.

The term, originally spelled "thick," dates back to the 90s and was used in black culture in reference to women, Dictionary. Birl are memes — and how do they thick Monterey girl kids in trouble?