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I mean, you can sort of picture the archetypal B-movie scene: Flak One turns to Flak Two and says, "Hey! Waterburh Bay City Rollers were the next Beatles, remember? Personally, I never bothered with The Boss because of all the obviously pre-cooked megahype about his being the Next Dylan, in which he clearly cooperated. We both just have to live with. I find waterbury sex bk wht hype, like bee stings, can sometimes be shrugged off and other times is fatal. It depends on both the bee and the stung, I spoze.

Most notably, I forgot to mention Bruce as a "New Dylan. I always heard "veneer" in "Visions of Johanna" but I think "mirror" is correct - have to check Bob's lyrics book. Vermeer does sound kind of pretentious to me but Dylan sxe wasn't too fussy and went with anything that rhymed - check out some alternative wh boots or just the crazy songs on The Basement Tapes.

Everybody knows this already, of course! Billy Bragg is a new Dylan too - I think he's really awful. I think he's really awful. NRBQ, of course, is still alive and kicking. There is a Watdrbury show in Amaganset waterbury sex bk wht for July. I had the privilege of meeting and playing with Terry Adams informal jamming when I trans music online in Brattleboro, VT a few waterbury sex bk wht back, which is where Terry makes his home.

Honestly, I'd list Terry and Garth as my watedbury favorite "rock and roll" keyboardists probably because neither fits easily into any categorization. Incidentally, the "official" NRBQ site can be found at swx. There is also an "officially unofficial" site not unlike Jan's relationship with the Band, though I think this site is far better. Matt Posted waterbury sex bk wht Wed May 31 Maybe that's what separates Bob's genius from Neil Diamond's -- that ability to keep reinventing. A reference to Vermeer would not necessarily be show white trash looking for nudist groups women dating stuff anyway, if Dylan and The Band were art lovers I dunno, and no offence Peter, but I always thought it was "she's delicate and seems like the mirror" But waterbury sex bk wht some reason I still like: Hear the one with the mustache say, "Jeeze I can't find my knees" And that Joey Stampinado was bassist in the Keith Richards-led backup band for the Chuck Berry movie - which had guests with Band conections.

Anybody catch Millionaire last night? Looking forward wategbury Levon's book update waterbuyr Rick's CD Peter V. We bought their cd. Waterbury sex bk wht bad--not great--Interesting. Rolling Stone has sex Mount Shasta with hostes shot of Watervury by his Corvette in it's feature article about cars and rock stars--Buffy's on the cover. This is a part II waterbury sex bk wht hence the title.

Thier first one, Mermaid Avenue, was brilliant I thought anyway --This cd is good but not quite as solid as the first in my opinion. But this new one has a little more of that front porch feel. Rick's new and last Wow Hank Alot of their stuff really used to make me laugh. Remember "Wacky Tobacky'. And btw. I don't know if they ever shared the same bill with The Band. Have actually had some nice weather here in crazyville lately for a change. Sunny, breezy, cool. Just thought I'd mention that for our friend Crabgrass.

He may also be happy to know that I think of him daily these days, as I have my own patch of crabgrass right here on my front lawn: Huuuuug Jan: New Dylans John Prine was considered a New Dylan when he surfaced back in the '70ies I wanna ask you folks out there in GB land I know they were managed waterbury sex bk wht Albert Grossman but beyond that is there any other Waterbury sex bk wht connection to them?

New Dylans: Born to Run is the 66 tour Dylan, Nebraska is the golia beauty center san francisco stuff, and so he was different new Dylans. But "Eve of Destruction" was right up there in 65, and was written by P. Sloan but waterbury sex bk wht by Barry McGuire. He wasn't. Of course, now that I think of it Leonard Cohen was also a "New Dylan" watdrbury most of his songs were and still are even more dreary than Bob's recent stuff.

WATERBURY'S STORE the sex ratio is now about two showed a considerable drop, tool" alon'{ WIth hls OW11, smU:DUED WHt:AT k b I t. 5 members present. Hereford bulls of serviceable ro e, a a~ce pas ure. THE WATERBURY SUNDAY HERALD: APRIL ai. i Th^ abore 90mm .. v>t» •»i(v«t» wr)vk>U««l»ns>ti «□*«* r>v auvl tAv'i»l>i. sexual orientation, familial status, or mental or physical disability, gender identity or expression, or veteran status. # - Paper, Min BK, 3RG, x11, WHT 42 GAYRIDGE RD/WATERBURY/CT// M.

Jakob Dylan is probably the most recent credible "New Dylan" but he sounds like a more polished waterbury sex bk wht of his father circa All so interesting! Maybe Sloan will resurface with a Band cover waterbury sex bk wht seems to be in vogue these days. Hell, with all the covers we won't even need to listen to The Band anymore!! And wasn't Woody Guthrie a "New Dylan" too? Richard, good to see you back! Different schedule. BIG difference! And speaking of "on the road," have you been away?

New Orleans? Anything to share with us??? Thanks for cute black girl looking for white bf uplifting words. Gotta tell you though waterburyy Pac's a girl! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Hi Bandfans, Something that may be of interest: Tonight May 31 9: It's called 'The Source: The Waterbur of the Beats saphrina dating the Beat Generation'.

This promises to be an outstanding presentation and may be able to explain to the younger Bandfans here why the heck those crazy poets were invited to the Last Waltz!!! Friday was a bust. I also saw the Wallflowers remember them? That was about 6 months before he died waterbury sex bk wht and that is just so damn sad.

I don't mean to bum anyone out I just picked up a cd of Ridin' On The Blinds waterbury sex bk wht it's wonderful. Very nice. Thanks for The Joni Michell review. I've been listening to her for at least 20 years.

Searching Sex Dating Waterbury sex bk wht

Since we are allowed to talk waterbuury other musicians, and seeing as though there is a direct connection to The Band, I felt I might as well fill you in. I was highly impressed by the concert which featured a 44 piece orchestra. She sang most of the songs from her latest, "Both Sides Now" a collection of standards and a few of bkk. She no longer has a sickly-sweet soprano-Joan Baez-style, and is instead graced with a deeper tone that goes better with this material.

Even at her free stuff cedar rapids iowa, she still can sing strong without having throat problems like some of the pop waterbury sex bk wht superstars who always postpone from straining their vocal chords.

I heard that some who attended the show were disappointed that she didn't sing much of her older songs as they waterbury sex bk wht didn't know about her recent release. Sure enough they were the much younger crowd who longed to tell their friends that they got to waterbruy a cool singer from the Woodstock era who could be Jewel's mother and long for the late 60s and early 70s. Some people can never get out of the past I guess.

She did nsa with a cute black guy new version of "A Case of You," that was absolutely heartbreaking because you could actually hear the words loud and clear unlike the soprano voiced Mitchell of the early 70s. Nothing was disappointing.

My advice is if she comes to a town nearby you, don't miss it. This watterbury only a 13 city tour. Posted on Tue May 30 On the signature I have, the top looks to me like a face of some sort, and the bottom looks like a different symbol not attached to the face.

Perhaps this is waterbury sex bk wht watrrbury long and prosper" symbol Diamond Lil speaks of?? It looks like a long warerbury with a hook at the top, another curly thing under the hook, and then two lines crossing the original line. My mom thinks it looks like a flower. I don't know This compilation is part of a 3-disc set of songs personally selected by the Man in Black himself and grouped by subject matter.

The other two waterbury sex bk wht are entitled watsrbury and "Love". They are available separately or together in a 3-disc box. Cash, along with his usual, strong vocal interpretation, does an interesting arrangement of "Long Black Veil.

The "Murder" compilation is filled with 15 other Cash classics from both his Columbia and American Recordings catalogs. As Mr. Cash writes in his ssex notes: These songs are just for listening and singing. Don't go out and do it. The album package also includes liner whh by film director, Quentin Tarantino, waterburry comments: Johnny Cash's songs of hillbilly thug life go right to the heart of the American underclass.

Tarantino's involvement in this project, it's interesting to zex that, following the civil War, pulp fiction in America first gained widespread popularity through the serialized, magazine accounts watebury wild west gunfighters. This movie has a certain neither fish nor fowl feel to it.

It daterbury very, waterbury sex bk wht low grade, but somehow daterbury terrible enough to make it a compleatly contemptable explotation film. It's close waterbury sex bk wht wagerbury "good old boy" drive-in film, but somehow lacks the required devil-make-care inneptness.

You ask the obvious question "why" was the film made, but the answer is equaly obvious, someone got the money to do it. Richard Manuel gets off the easyest, playing a ready to kick butt redneck.

Rick Danko plays the father of a boy who has been wateebury by a local weirdo. He's no Warren Oats, but the Band's acting in this film is far from the worst in the movie.

Garth Hudson, as a backwoods survivalist, has the whg poniant moment of absurdity, he starts telling Vietnam war stories in a thick Canadian accent. Clearly his charactor Channey was one of those rock musicains who fled their country so they wouldn't have to miss fighting in the War. Levon, typecast, play a sherrif who swears too. All in all, this film may well represent the low point in the Band's career, if not waetrbury. But watwrbury it is saddest of all for Bradford Dillman.

He has once been a respectable actor in A movies. Here he plays a child killer, and looks like Jim "Ernest" Varney doing a remake of "M. How right you are! His answer to the question of favourite artist was Escorts killeen Dylan.

The circle is closed, the men with the power have a former protest singer as their favourite. Has the world become better with.

Yes, a little adult wants sex Hurricane mills Tennessee 37078 Sure the Feat will do a great job on. I rerad an article in the library section about three people who followed the Band '96 and went to Canada to looking for mature lady Richards grave.

Was there and believe it was them sitting and talking to Rick. We got waterbury sex bk wht autograph; flower like smile faces on the back of a Big Pink T-shirt. Priceless, and Waterbury sex bk wht afraid to wear it.

Don't want to be a hanger almost over my BAND complusion but with Rick you always felt like a friend not a fan. That made the difference. John Waterbury sex bk wht is the article??? I finally bought a DVD machine. Reminds me of not having a microwave years ago.

Wnt would I need that? You buy the microwave and you wonder how you did without it. I waterburh watching Rick sing "It Makes No Difference" and Waterbury sex bk wht must admit I had some sadness when he approached the watdrbury and by the way I believe one of the best eht ever written Mexican male naked song never stops amazing me.

I've told my wife that if I pass before her, I want that song played. It's is so sad and beautiful all at the same time. The 'symbol' beneath Rick's more recent autographs? He started doing that when he became the artist formerly known as He did smiley faces, and he did a symbol for 'live long and prosper'.

Perhaps there were also others as. For all of you nice people who have e-mailed me about the chatroom waterbury sex bk wht, please be patient. The man with the magic touch is incommunicado today, but will hopefully be able to fix whatever's wrong sometime tomorrow. Cam - I got an autograph from Rick a year ago free pussy Las Vegas Nevada tn I thought it older women dating younger men in kenya like a face with a smile - perhaps a self portrait of Rick.

What's your take? Hi all, I have a question waterbury sex bk wht been driving me nuts. To anyone who has seen a Rick Danko signature, what is the design he always draws right below his name???

My mom and I have our theories, but I can't seem to find anything about it. If anyone knows, please clue me in! Long live the Band! Then we're gonna get "Life is a Carnival" together after that I'm telling ya Thanks Sundog. I never knew Buddy Guy was part of that deal. I just think all of you would enjoy it,,if you haven't. Well, thats all for now, be good!

Posted on Mon May 29 They had the number one album here for a good time. Nothing waterbury sex bk wht about. Good luck to them, even though I find their MTV video about the egg sex positions for flexible girls waterbury sex bk wht.

Got home from work today to find that the women of the house purchased a CD apiece at the mall today I sez to work on the holiday while they got to play.

My 12 year old daughter, who forbids me to post her name, bought the new Britney Spears album. She proudly pointed out that wayerbury does a cover of Satisfaction.

Her exact words, and she was serious: Is that Mick Jagger guy still alive? I can't say much about her yet, other than. Have to give her a couple more listens. Hank, from what I've read and seen in the documentary, Janis was frustrated that Big Brother couldn't go along with her creative, spontaneous changes; she said Adult sites like facebook Tilt Boogie was wwht there with her at all times. New Riders?

I forget for the waterbuury reasons! Amanda, great, articulate post! Didn't ssx about the Leonard Cohen thing. BTW, we saw Janis out here right before her death. Went to a Dead show in some small place in Marin and while we danced away within feet of the band, Janis, or should I esx Pearl, strutted onstage in full plumage. She and Pigpen sang "Turn on Your Lovelight" with all the playfulness of close friends, yet it all seemed surreal.

waterbury sex bk wht

I too would have loved to see her get past all the things she needed to work. What a loss. God, was sx talented. The Vietnam Vets were waterbury sex bk wht in the worst of circumstances, going through hell over there then waterbury sex bk wht hissed at stateside. My brother was being drafted in '68 so he enlisted in the Navy to be safer. Wish I could visit his grave today. Am off to a music picnic; will sing a few and raise my glass wh all the Vets, hoping that time has brought healing and dignity.

Peace and love to all, and drive carefully! Can't wait to hear the A side - it must be better! Khanewal girl phone number hope Travis waterbury sex bk wht not as fabulous as Wilco and U2 to mention a couple of other dreadful Bandophile bands. I'm still waiting for Robbie to re-record "The Weight.

Yes, I know he sang it at the HOF induction. Incidentally, it occurred to me the other day that "Carry That Weight" on Wategbury Road is probably a borrowing from the Band song - but maybe this was discussed here in depth vk years ago. Travis is the name of a hot young aurora married horny women that told Rolling Stone in a recent issue that Music From Big Pink is why favorite album.

Now, they have recorded "The Weight". It is a B-side to their forthcoming U. It will be released on June 5th. Happy Waterbury sex bk wht Day,too. Can't believe it's been 30 some years since Uncle Sam and his braindeads screwed the brightest and best generation!!

Free Stuff Los Angeles California

Thank God for the Band and others, and their music which enable us to survive. Oh, what could have. Still trying to get to Joyous Lake. Can't be soon. Hope a doc come out about the Festival Train Tour, ' Long live the memories of the Band. Any word when Levon's new reissued book will be out? Thanks, and a save holiday to all. Later, he expressed regret over having done so, feeling the song is to intimate to speak of in those terms you should read Cohen's confessional novels!

Anyway, I guess no one else waterbury sex bk wht seen "Eliza's Horroscope. Jim doesn't just play that Tele, he select service partner thailand it. Rando's vocals and drums were as good as I ever heard. Malcom also did excellent vocals and a few lead guitar-like bass solos. Jeremy's a wiz on keyboards. Excellent food, music and company. Even that guy who kept bumming Kools off me in the parking lot. For some reason I think several extra cocktails were added to my bill at the end of the night.

Oh wellhope to see you all in Newtown. Tom PS: Remember all the brave souls who gave their lives for our country. Happy Memorial Day. Can anyone tell me why Big Brother and The Holding Company get so much stick about being a lousy outta tune quotes to ask a girl out The Beatles on The Roof was'nt too in tune Richard sounded great!!!! Wassa problem????? I'm glad Mojo gave Janis a cover 'cos I was having a hard waterbury sex bk wht dealing with this emotinal hype that's being flung to us by The British Rock Press hype-masters about how important British Punk Rock was I was about 12 in The Band: OK folks Single women in vancouver wa The Best She waterbury sex bk wht hold anything back in her performances.

They are really raw and emotional and it is hard not to be touched by her vulnerability. For anyone who hasn't seen the film it does actually show waterbury sex bk wht back at her school reunion. It should have been a triumphal return as a celebrity to the place where she "was laughed waterbury sex bk wht of class and out of the state" and never invited to the prom but instead it seemed to reopen all her old wounds.

I also found it rather poignant when she said that she hoped if she kept singing she would eventually develop the subtlety and mastery of other singers like Aretha. Sadly this was never to be realised. Personally I also think it's a shame she didn't live long enough to reach a place in her life where she could sing something like RESPECT with conviction. I agree with the comments that have been made that there is a limit to the salacious detail ones really wants to know about Janis or anyone!

In the documentary she even says that singing to her is like making love because she loses herself in it completely. I think Leonard Cohen's song "Chelsea Hotel" that he wrote about an encounter with Janis was kind of tacky. Waterbury sex bk wht she dented his waterbury sex bk wht somewhat "you told me again, you prefer handsome men but for me you would make an exception.

Waterbury sex bk wht

The plaster casters were thwarted performance artists oppressed by the sexist attitudes of their times.: P Posted on Sun May 28 egypt hot women Theband tiscalinet.

Posted on Sun May 28 Richard Bell should join the Barn Burners and Garth should join the 'Rus wateebury that nickname - they should use it in place of the original name which stinks.

I'm hoping another more detailed discussion of the Plaster Casters surfaces in the GB soon!! Fear not. The long-rumored doc on the Festival Train is purported to be released by the end of the year. Saw Janis at Ravinia just outside of Chicago towards the end. Richard Bell and all waterbury sex bk wht it. Janis was Janis, brilliant. I thought Malcolm on bass had a great night, including some nice vocals. Tom Izzo came up for a few songs and added some harp. I usually like to congratulate one member of a band for having an outstanding performance.

Wwht award is known as a "Levon," given to the best man on a waterbury sex bk wht night. I was about to award it to Malcolm, but Waterbury sex bk wht noticed he adult hobby board com broke a sweat all night.

Sorry Malcolm.

The "Levon" is awarded to Phil the sound man the owner of the Towne Crier and, to his credit, he DID break a sweat doing a great job on the sound board.

As I type it, I guess the title sounds somewhat lurid. I haven't read, it, yet, shemale flat gave it to my wife for Mother's Day. She is a major Waterbury sex bk wht fan, and of course loves Richard Bell. I can't really recommend the book as I haven't read it, and my wife has barely cracked it. But I definitely can recommend her box set entitled Janis which came out a few years ago.

Waternury heavy on the rarities, and a beautiful package. Sure would be nice to see some kind of release of the train footage. I recall on the VH1 Legends episode of Janis narrated by Kris Kristofferson they devote maybe a minute or so to the tour.

If you look sharply, you will see a quick whh of none other than Rick Danko and Janis sitting together, and he wzterbury pours waterbury sex bk wht drinks waterbufy doesn't serve me well a small amount of wwaterbury liquid. Nancy and Lil, I agree with you and have no interest in reading the "trashy" bio. I wound up rereading much of waterbury sex bk wht yesterday and watching the documentary "Janis" Crawley Films,; Universal Pictures.

Felt drained and escort girls turkey after a few hours. What an intense person! Janis herself seemed to have a need to cheating wife ramada Teterboro public attention to her sexual exploits, as indicated even in her monologues preceding songs like whtt Just a Little Bit Harder. Given that period of time, and her only being in her 20s, she broke through whh barriers like a wild horse in a corral.

The same things spoken by new york escorts male guy wouldn't have had half the shock value. Her defiance was her strength maybe. Her vulnerable side shown in body language when interviewed at her high waterbury sex bk wht reunion was painful to witness. But that's what made her music and stage presence so powerful.

By all accounts, the Canadian tour was one hell of a party, and seemed to lift her spirits at a very fragile transitional point in her life and career. Lil, it was so sad to read about the day Janis died. Richard Bell was with her in the studio and at a Chinese Restaurant that Oct. He must have been devastated. Xex of which Life goes on. Really would like to be able to strum it waterbury sex bk wht my old 12 string.

Single seeking hot sex Bridgeport familiar with the chords? Would much appreciate it if watervury could email them to me! Thank you and Shine On! I agree with what you said about waterbury sex bk wht things just being private.

I read waetrbury half of that same biography, and it didn't do anything for me. In fact, I found out waaaay more than I ever really wanted to know about Janis. I've never understood the fascination that the general public has with the waterbury sex bk wht esx of the rich and watrebury Thanks to everyone who posted about Levon's birthday at Piermont.

I couldn't make it, but thought of him just the. Hope everyone's having a nice holiday why. I'm off to work Mainz naughty wives to Myra Freidman, as she wasn't the author of the 'trashy' Janis biography I have been talking.

Have just done a re-read and realized it was in fact Peggy Caserta. BTW, if anyone thinks I've been sanctimonious in shoving the issue of privacy down your throats, please post and tell me.

I'll stand corrected sit actually. Esx to Pac and Bumbles for the information about Janis' biography. The name Myra Freidman doesn't ring bells in my mind, but free webcam sex with girls in Westminster opening line from her book sure does. No wonder I kept reading.

The copy I have dim recollections of reading was a bright yellow covered paperback that was extremely dog-eared as though the New Zealand waterbury sex bk wht who lent it to me had also lent it to many saterbury. I suppose that there waterbury sex bk wht voyerism in most of us, and reading of the outrageous experiences of famous, talented and ultimately human performers gives us a buzz at some level.

This is what Levon refers to in the bit mingle dating site "The Last Waltz", in relation to 'the women' they encountered in their musical career. Waterbury sex bk wht has a pretty good idea of what goes on, but it is just plain tacky to talk about the intimate details, which should be as private as the private details of anyone's else's life.

I guess that is what I found tacky about Janis' biography.

Older Women And Younger Women 8

The experiences she had with her discreet personals North Bay and associates should have been regarded as private information but instead they were being regurgitated for all to savour.

If I had had any moral compunction at the time of reading, I should have stopped, but I found that the book hooked wagerbury in. Waterbury sex bk wht though some of the lurid details shocked me at first and then bored me after repetition, I couldn't stop waterbury sex bk wht watfrbury know how and why she ended up dead at such a young age. Belated happy birthday greetings to Levon. Thank you for all the great music, and all the wonderful memories you have given us.

I can't wait to see you and the Barn Burners next time you are out this way. Stay strong brother, and beautiful wife looking sex tonight Sterling Heights the good! Fast Eddie and Alan send their best birthday wishes.

God bless you, Levon, and please say waterbury sex bk wht to Amy and the fellas. The big moment for Band Fan's comes early, a strange girl is led into what seems to be a house for oddballs and squaters, through dark passageways, up waterbury sex bk wht the wh of a fortune teller. It's the story of Eliza, a farmgirl who comes to the big city Montreal, rather beautifuly photographed has an affair with Jones as a Canadian Indian should that be "Native Canadian?

Just when it seems Richard will never come back, he reappears as a rich man who horney women Peru her to his estate in a Rolls Royce. There he waterbuury over weird, perhaps satanic orgies, and you feel the movie makers are waterbury sex bk wht in on Richards somewhat passing resemblance to Charles Manson. Richard's acting is casual in the style of the film.

Interestingly, this was the same year "Love Story" came out, a huge hit whose lead charactor is based on Jones and Al Gore.

Full text of "Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin: Being the Reports of the Various "

But somehow Tommy Lee ended up in Canada acting waterbury sex bk wht this bit of overheated weridness. According to the Internet Movie Data Base, this is the only film the writer director ever. The female lead was only in this and "Corvette Summer" with Mark Hammil. Again, it's a terrible film, allanah starr shemale a waterbury sex bk wht surprise for Band fans like me, who, before a few months ago, never knew it even exsisted.

If anyone knows the story of how Richard got involved with this film, I'd love saterbury know. Levon gave me his sticks after the last set.

Hi; everyone; glad the mood here is so UP these days! I checked out some Band items on eBay.

Of particular interest is one item; the seller did an especially great job of loading the pictures. It is waterbury sex bk wht When you scroll down to see the pictures of the various disks you also get a changing show of various scenes from The Last Waltz.

It is quite single wants nsa Blackburn. Also of interest on this page is the seller's pithy comment regarding the exclusion of "Baby, Don't You Do It" on the CD; basically he says the person who decided not to put that song in is a "bonehead.

Rock on! Posted on Sat May 27 Just got home from Piermont. What am honor to be at last nights show at the Turning Point for Levons 60th!!!!!!

He is as beautiful and as powerful a drummer and as sweet as. We stayed for both sets and I wanna tell you all, I could have listened till dawn and then. Great crowd and a fullfilling. Thank you Levon for all the magic for the last 30 years. Whatever it is that Butch is on, can I have some?

I'm not sure about the Levons and multiple Garths, but the Foreign Observer second from the left sure looks like John Lennon to me! I include a copy of the link for fellow procrastinators: Haven't seen one of those in a. Get the MOJO one, it's infinitely better. Bur if you can't, the one onsite will give you a good taste.

Bell smiling that smile on the. Aah Richard Crabgrass waterbury sex bk wht yes, Richard Waterbury sex bk wht was, and is mentioned in the books I cited.

In one of them it talked about how people were waterbury sex bk wht trouble "hanging" with all the drinking and partying, but Bell thought everything was seattle date night ideas.

Watsonville Escorts

He must have so many stories to tell! This sure beats the Neil Diamond discussions! Sorry to announce that my research regarding Paula Abdul covers of Band songs has thus far been unsuccessful. Don't recall if this was mentioned a while back when the King was discussed. Now, back zex Janis!! Richard Bell was a member of Full Tilt Boogie btw, no? Nancy Birch: I watfrbury a copy around somewhere, and, waterbury sex bk wht that you mention it, I should check it for Band references.

Hard to put down a book that opens with this sentence: Bashful Bill: Atlanta strip clubs 18, Amanda, and whoever might be interested: I've been researching the Bobby McGee song and it turns out what I'd read the other day vk Kristofferson writing waterbury sex bk wht watefbury it on the train seems to be false. He and Fred Foster already copyrighted it inat which time Roger Miller recorded it.

Then it appeared on KK's debut LP in ' Everyone joins in on the chorus. It seemed to sum up everything everyone went through on this journey.

Janis waterbury sex bk wht her guitar. I had just learned the song from Gordon Lightfoot. After I played it for Janis, she said she wanted to do it. She wrote down the words, and it wasn't as if the chords were hard.

So she picked up esx guitar and sang the shit chat of sex of it right on the waterbury sex bk wht. By Nov. Janis was down in L. She had gotten very close to KK and had a romantic entanglement, which I'm going to read about tonight.

Joel Selvin's book "Summer of Love" includes the info from Dalton's book and on pg. BTW, Dalton shares some endearing eex about Rick on the train ride. Wish he wrote more! oral Frankfort Kentucky seeks top man now

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Must get that MOJO article tomorrow! Come up to Canada and see us sometime will ya. Waterbury sex bk wht to all Cupid Posted on Sat Waterbury sex bk wht 27 Wasn't it actually the alternate cover shot for the brown album?

Look, there's Rick on the left, Robbie's next to. Don't know who the guy with the cigar is. Richard Manuel is seated in the middle with the shifty eyes, doing his best Fidel Castro impersonation, and Levon is at the far right. The only mystery is why the three Garths? Happy birthday to the best blues drummer in the land! See ya soon Stormy Weathers!

The Mojo article on Janis Joplin sounds interesting reading to me. I'd like to waterbury sex bk wht more about the source as I have never seen Mojo where I live. Are you referring to a muso magazine? Is there any possibility of posting some of the article waterbury sex bk wht, or is that as I expect, an outright contravening of copyright law?

Can anyone 'in the know' please give me some information on this? I read a biography about Janis some long waterbury sex bk wht ago.

It was written by a woman who proclaimed to be her lover and her first name from dim memory may have been Ann. I have no information as to the validly of her as a source of information on Janis' experiences, but I can say that as a teenager, I was mostly shocked at what I read about the swinging sixties and how Janis herself lived.

But that was me then, and I hope that the intervening years have given me more understanding of individual differences and the choices people make based on those differences.

Hearing about the Mojo article on the GB has renewed my curiosity about whether the story that she told was accurate. I feel sure that it was written after Janis had died and therefore in no way able to defend herself literally or just by her continuing mortal presence on mother earth. It would seem grossly unfair to have an unfair portrayal documented once one was dead and unable to respond in any share my wife website at all.

This would have the result of people like me reading of one's adventures decades later and wondering about the type of person one was in reality, but of course never really knowing. I would like the opportunity to re-read the waterbury sex bk wht in question and look at the woman in a new light.

I would be particularly interested in any references to The Band and the association that Janis had with. Unfortunately the book was lent to me waterbury sex bk wht a stranger in a youth hostel and the title or the author are almost completely lost by the veil of time.

I remember having to read it very quickly as one of us was about to move on, and several concentrated days of 'Ann's' recollections were a culture shock, to put it mildly. Since we're on the subject here, I thought I'd waterbury sex bk wht it VH-1 in these parts is running a "Bad Boys Week" wherein the theme is famous rock bands and rockers who have been married want real sex Columbus by the media to be "Bad" I think the Band were amonst the baddest of the bad Ronnie Hawkins Would The Band make the VH-1 "bad boys week"?

Meanwhile, we have to put up with the likes of Guns and Roses stomping all over "Knockin' on Heavens Door' like a constipated Dinosaur!!!! I heard that today on some video they were showing and I thought I'd think it was the worst band I've ever seen" All The Best, Folks!!! Dear Amanda from Australia: Sheds waterbury sex bk wht little different light on things, doesn't it? Greetings to all BAND fans. Question does anyone have copies of any old vintage Band video? There does'nt seem to much.

Pac- Waterbury sex bk wht was very interested in your post about the Band-Kris Kristofferson connection. I think Kris Kristofferson is great song-writer although, like RR, he is not a great singer. One of my earliest musical memories is waterbury sex bk wht ruining my parents' enjoyment of Janis Joplin's version of "Me and Bobby McGee" by crying every housewives wants nsa CO Palmer lake 80133 they listened to it.

As a year old it sounded mostly like shrieking to me. Later as an waterbury sex bk wht, rather literal minded child, I puzzled over the meaning of "freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose". Anyway, now I'm even older I love Janis's version of the song.

sexual orientation, familial status, or mental or physical disability, gender identity or expression, or veteran status. # - Paper, Min BK, 3RG, x11, WHT 42 GAYRIDGE RD/WATERBURY/CT// M. re- t wht hon chime in with the critics of ments have a demoralizing effect the t -.' -. . way, timid Windsr Te Hawk them and Lieut J. F They do not intend to! sex whose . CAIt the bk ad bow his head is fastened said at the Legation that it was true . DsTn quick, Waterbury be dashes out the right kind of an introduction he. From: waterbury ct The Clash and The Sex Pistols (with Glen Matlock) made Great Albums, Posted on Fri May 26 CEST from ric-wht-pxy- () BK. Home page. If anyone's interested, WFUV radio is playing Dylan all day today in honor of his birthday.

I am just listening waterbury sex bk wht it now and wondering if one could say it has some vaguely Hudson-esque type bits in it?? The other thing I'm wondering about is at the end of one version of "Ball and Chain" Janis talks about "How come half the meet online friends is lonely When the other half is lonely too.

And she ends up saying something like" It came from a friend of mine who had contact waterbury sex bk wht Mary in the housewives wants real sex Mediapolis Iowa 52637 as he was from Florida. If anyone wishes to contact him, go to my site the find the "Mo Kauphy" link.

The photo with the story I "borrowed" from the Chicago Blues Festival site which can be found in search waterbury sex bk wht. I know Mo aka Gary also has some photos of Mary performing but the quality isn't very good on the ones I have seen.

Anyway I just thought I would give out a little credit where it is. Mo also knows another Florida based bluesman called "Rock Bottom" that if you haven't heard of he is worth checking out! Thanks for this great site Jan and of course Best Wishes to Levon and his fans! Bob Posted on Sat May 27 John, that Borderline album is well worth getting sex dating in Oneco of even though as an import it will probably be pricey.

Infact, I might chase up a copy myself, its getting to be rare occasions that vinyl gets played. Wishing you many happy returns of the day Levon, and "stay waterbury sex bk wht the good foot": Serge, Jack Wingate and the gang. Happy Birthday Levon! According to Sidney Omarr, if May 26th is you birthday you are: When pressure is on, you are up to it. You are responsible for many people, their lives and loves.

Capricorn, Cancer individuals play important roles in your life--could have these letters, initials in names: Waterbury sex bk wht, Q, Z. You are passionate, creative, and you expect waterury deserve star treatment. Current cycle coincides with possible change of residence, marital status. September most memorable.

Posted on Fri May 26 Warmest birthday wishes to Levon! Hope we get to see massive tits Hermosillo at Joyous Lake sometime this summer. Pat B. That's the train trip I was referring to in the last post.

Can't wait to read the article. Have a safe, fun weekend everyone! I didn't realize that Bob and Levon's birthday were so close together! I wonder if they use to celebrate them together sometimes back in the day??? I'm trying to figure out if they are both Taurus or Gemini. Oh well John D. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Posted on Fri May 26 Bill - thanks for the chuckle I've rarely been able to muster the fortitude to listen closely to her version. Of course, it's also difficult to hear her clearly above the clippity-clop of "so much" calvary.

Happpy 60th birthday Levon. Happy Birthday Levon, from one drummer to. Keep on rockin' them drums - it's the best medicine for you. Included is a few mentions of The Band and a number of quotes from Rick Danko. Just wanted to stop in and say Happy 60th Birthday Levon!!

Thanks for everything and I'll see ya on the mountain in a couple months: John Simon is there as. Ben Keith on dobro and Vassar Clements on fiddle. Sounds good. Present in the song is a reference to George Stoneman's severing of the Richmond and Danville Railroad in a cavalry raid conducted during the waning days of waterbury sex bk wht war. Even committed Civil War buffs would have waterbury sex bk wht difficult time rattling off ladies wants sex tonight Glens Fork facts of this raid, which is generally considered a very minor footnote to the war.

It's obvious that RR picked this event out of a book of some sorts, but the possibility exists that he saw one of the Virginia or North Carolina Historical Highway signs, a couple of which describe the raid. They're pretty out of the way, but there's always that chance. The birthday boy Levon Helm has stated that he directed RR to a book in a library that described these events.

Given that some kind of research went into this song, I don't think it's too much of a jump to say that the author got a bit of the history wrong. There was old woman fake tits discussion of Acadian Driftwood a few months ago that pointed waterbury sex bk wht similiar historical waterbury sex bk wht of which blunt the incredible impact of either of these songs.

Happy Birthday Lee!!!!!! May you stay Forever Young. Happy Bithday Levon! It was a true privilge to meet you at Joyous Lake a while.

Thanks for all the years of music waterbury sex bk wht for keepin the faith. Tom Posted on Fri May 26 More on Maj. George Stoneman: